Well, the snow is finally melting here. I even was able to get into my shed. AND I had my first deck sitting. Yay!!!

Jakey even got in on the action.

Yes, that’s all that’s melted off my deck so far. It has a few more days to go.

My yard and deck are usually the last to melt in the area.

But, warm weather marks a change in the way I do things. It kicks my writing into overdrive. I don’t take a laptop onto the deck with me, so I do my editing in the morning before going out. But as soon as it’s warm enough in the day to sit out there, then I usually take a notepad with me and start scribbling on something new.

I honestly have no idea what I’ll be writing. Will it be Thrice Sly, the third in the Sylvia series?

Or will it be another of the Sentient series?

Or something new entirely?

I get nearly breathless with anticipated possibilities. Don’t laugh. It’s a writer thing.

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