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Today I’m interviewing guest author, Robin Castle, who has recently published the book “Don’t Drink the Bathroom Water, A Guide to Living in Ireland”.

Robin, Why do you write?

I want to let others into my worldview. Most people don’t seem to see all the colours and shades and textures I do and I want to share that with them.

Where do your ideas come from?

Everywhere. Literally. A conversation, the back of a bottle of ketchup, everywhere. Even in my sleep.

Robin Castle, author of “Don’t Drink the Bathroom Water, A Guide to Living in Ireland”

Describe Your Latest Book.

I am currently at work on 3 projects: a murder mystery, a short story collection, and the 2nd book in a series of honest guides to Ireland (filled with things Fodor’s doesn’t know about and Lonely Planet won’t tell you).

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What’s your normal writing practice

Pre-pandemic, my days had a flow to them. Wake up, feed my bird, drink coffee, exercise, write. Now, it’s catch as catch can. I’m in a house full of people and we all do our best to respect each other’s space, but it’s not easy. I write whenever I can, including the middle of the night, and am glad for whatever time I get. I try to focus on what I’ve done and let go (as much as possible) of what I wasn’t able to do, because I’m constantly trying my best.

Pantser, Plotter, or Plantser

I am a pantser who wishes she was a plantser. I have tried all sorts of things to plot more, but my imagination rebels against all planning. Usually my writing is the better for it.

Robin, for you, what is the easiest thing about writing? The Hardest?

The easiest thing about writing is the joy of discovery a new story and because I am a pantser, discovering what will happen next. The hardest thing is, for me, finding the ending. I want an ending that’s satisfying, not just a super quick wrap-up. Depending on the story, that can be tricky to negotiate for me.

Writer’s block

Unpopular opinion: like Wendy, I uh, well, was that a bird? Over there to your right? Ha ha. I work on several projects at a time and if one stalls, I abandon it until the characters of the abandoned story become jealous and call me back. I’m always writing something.

Advice for writers

Keep going. Seriously. And if you hate the story you’re working on, put it in a drawer and start a new one. You don’t get penalised for unfinished stories. Keep growing. And try to have a sense of humour. I challenge anyone who’s stuck to write the worst story they can possibly imagine, something awful, and not enjoy it. Not laugh. It can be very freeing to write badly. See where it leads you. It might end up being something good. Or just an enjoyable experience. Both are worthwhile.

Thank you Wendy!!!

You’re very welcome, Robin!

Robin’s Contact info: 

@robincastle55 on Instagram and Twitter


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