Whew! I just finished the rough draft for “Birthright”, another of the Griffin Wars series (The Last Griffin). This story, more than any other, has felt like I’ve been pulling it through my fingernails with my teeth. I’m so thrilled to be done with it.

And yet, I know that this will be a good story. Often the most difficult ones to write are, because the writer has to work on it, where as an easier forming story often gets a lighter touch in the editing department because the story already “feels good”.

I feel a strange sense of melancholy. I’m saying goodbye to characters I’ve lived with for several months now. When I edit it, my focus will be on the words, the flow, and the emotion, not on my little pencil-written friends. And they have become friends. They’ve made me laugh, cry, and curse. Especially that last.

I also feel another spark starting to burn hot within me. A few weeks ago, I came up with a new YA story idea that I think will kick butt. It’s already written itself out inside me, I just need to move it to paper. So, I’ll be embarking on that journey soon.

For now, though, I just want to dwell in this moment, this goodbye to Fiera, Efar, Marie, Gwen, Captain, and the rest.


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