Beginning Again

penWhile I’m waiting for Sentient to be published, I haven’t been sitting around. I’m working on another story and, as you’ve seen, I’m getting ready for the marketing push when the novel does eventually sell.

I’ve looked all around the internet for a list of things the author does for the publication/marketing process. I’ve found some good ones, but none seem to be complete. They assume the publisher will do some of it. Having had a publisher who wasn’t able to, I am trying to make a comprehensive list of everything that should be done, marketing-wise. I’ll post my experiences with them here.

The first and most important item: begin the next story. Immediately!

Plot, outline, jot ideas, scribble scenes, then get down to the business of writing. Don’t procrastinate.

If you don’t get some meat on your next novel, you can get really discouraged in the very long process of publication. Also, because things only get busier from the contract signing point, you’ll hit weeks that you won’t be able to write much at all. You’ll be glad you got a jump on the next novel.

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