Of Titles and Genres

Right now, I’m editing a middle-grade novel.  The title I had, though it fit when I began writing, doesn’t fit now.  So I’m looking for another.  Here’s the blurb on it:

Pala and her team of rangers escort a science mission to what they’ve been told is an uninhabited planet. Governmental insurgents release a biological agent and the rangers must stop them before the planet and everything on it dies.

Titles need to be specific, not only to the story, but also the audience.  It’s got to grab the intended reader’s imagination.  If I’m writing a middle-grade science fiction, such as this one, it needs to be punchier than if it were an adult romance.  It also needs to appeal to the age group.

“Spinning the Tides”, my working title, besides reminding readers of laundry soap, also is too flowery for the genre.  And forget appealing to kids.

I’ve had suggestions of “Saving Colossus” and “Sentient”.  Both would be intriguing to middle-grade readers, but I think this book will also appeal to adult, so I might want to pick “Sentient”.  But, I’m still looking for options.

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