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NoWriMo help

November’s coming.  No, wait. It’s here.  Well, for the NoWriMo writer it is.  As such, here’s three tips to help increase productivity during the times of day we can’t sit at our computer.  I actually already do one or two of these (though not with lots of frequency):  3 Ways to Increase Your Daily Word Count While Away From Your Computer | #Norwrimo … Read More NoWriMo help

I have free review copies available! If you’re interested in posting a review on your blog, at Amazon or Goodreads (or anywhere else), I’ll be happy to ship you a book. Thanks for spreading the word!  Just leave a comment below if you’re interested. Please specify which book you’d like to review.

Cover Reveal

When seventeen-year-old Pala de la Croix and her escort team are deployed to a newly discovered planet, their routine exploration quickly changes to a survival mission. After being targeted by their own weaponry and an unknown virus, the rangers and scientists attempt to make their way back to base camp safely. While Pala tries to unravel the motivation behind the attack, she also has … Read More Cover Reveal

And It’s Out

It’s finally out! After 5 long years, I have a third book of poetry! I’m thrilled to death. The cover is gorgeous and fierce. The poems are a smorgasbord of those written over the past ten years. Some have been printed before, in other publications, but never in one of my own books. Many are new. It’s available at Or, if you want a … Read More And It’s Out

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