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Frozen Fire Trailer

Book Sales

The things about #book selling that I’ve learned during the summer! What holds here are things that work and don’t work for me, personally. For someone else, it might be a different story. People have to have permission from themselves to buy. That means a bookstore might work well most days of the week, but not on others. I found Sundays are more of … Read More Book Sales

Beginning the Book Tour

So, we had our first pre-tour engagement for Boo and Oscar. We were at a grade school’s Job Fair. We sat at a table for 4 hours while kids wandered by and asked us questions. Diana brought her paintings and I brought some of my books. Of course, the big topic was Boo and Oscar. I made sure I packed lots of information cards … Read More Beginning the Book Tour

Business Advice

Here’s some business advice from the shop keepers. Especially relevant for writers because we think the small bookstores are more approachable. via The Burlap Bag – High Quality Handmade Goods Shop – Austin Texas.

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