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Pray for Rain

I’m putting together a group of poems for a new book and ran across this one.  It was printed in Upcountry eMagazine a couple years ago.  Thought I’d share: Pray for Rain   Bone white breasts, your milk has dried. Where will your children feed? The corn has curled like pineapple sticks;      There will be no      bread for supper.   … Read More Pray for Rain

Memoir Poetry

Most people would argue that poetry is about writing what’s inside you.  Sometimes, though, it’s about writing what you would like to be inside you. It’s good she   said It’s good to   Look from pen to paper pad to coffee cup -black filled- to black and white cat on her lap   Smell the thrum             cadence           … Read More Memoir Poetry

Poetry Basket

We must walk past our kitchen table a couple dozen times a day.  For the past few months, we’ve kept a poetry basket centered there.  In the basket are books of poetry, books on writing poetry, paper pads, pens and pencils.  Any time of the day, one or both of us (my husband is a writer also) may sit down and write something.  We … Read More Poetry Basket

Asphalt Freedom

This is a favorite poem, often requested, from the Breathe I book.  Breathe, for those of you who don’t know, is a writers’ critique group based in Caribou, Maine.  We put out an anthology every year.  Breathe I was published in 2009. Asphalt Freedom   She was a pink Schwinn tall and shapely like that steed I’d named her after: Fury   Long white … Read More Asphalt Freedom

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