Books Coming Out

BookCoverPreview2I have three #books coming out in rapid order:

Fear, Swallowed: My third book of #poetry. Should be out in just a couple weeks.

Breathe is also putting out their annual #anthology. This is our sixth book together as a writing community. It’s smaller this year, but really good. In years past, we’ve had overlapping story lines, followed themes, whatever, but this one is a ‘best of the year’ book. Should be out within a month.Boo and Oscer 1

Boo and Oscar and the Fantastic Fudge Fiasco: This is the kickoff book for the sleuthing duo, Boo (cat) and Oscar (spider), picture book series, staring Diana Mcaskill’s art. I’m really excited (and awed) about this book. It will hopefully be out by Christmas. You can preorder this book: Boo and Oscar #booandoscar

New Poetry Book

While I’ve been working on Sentient II, I’ve also been working on another #book of #poetry. This last spring, I took this great class at University of Maine, Presque Isle. Loved it. I’ve actually taken this class before, but as long as I keep learning, I keep studying.

Anyway, I have enough poetry, with these new poems and others for a new book. I also included poems in there that have been printed elsewhere.  This is the new cover, I think:


Another poem

Here’s another poem from the upcoming collection:

Quand ton tendre
amour a durci dans cette
d’oú seulement tu
émergeras parfaitement?
your tender
regard …
into this
from which              only you
when did
your tender amour
into this chrysalide
from which seulement tu

#poetry #poem #poetrycollection #butterfly