Books Coming Out

I have three #books coming out in rapid order: Fear, Swallowed: My third book of #poetry. Should be out in just a couple weeks. Breathe is also putting out their annual #anthology. This is our sixth book together as a writing community. It's smaller this year, but really good. In years past, we've had overlapping story... Continue Reading →

New Poetry Book

While I've been working on Sentient II, I've also been working on another #book of #poetry. This last spring, I took this great class at University of Maine, Presque Isle. Loved it. I've actually taken this class before, but as long as I keep learning, I keep studying. Anyway, I have enough poetry, with these... Continue Reading →

Another poem

Here's another poem from the upcoming collection: Papillion Quand ton tendreamour a durci dans cettechrysalided'oú seulement tuémergeras parfaitement?  your tenderregard …into thischrysalisfrom which              only youemergeperfect?  Love,when didyour tender amour durci into this chrysalidefrom which seulement tuémergeras                           parfaitement? #poetry #poem #poetrycollection #butterfly

Pray for Rain

I'm putting together a group of poems for a new book and ran across this one.  It was printed in Upcountry eMagazine a couple years ago.  Thought I'd share: Pray for Rain Bone white breasts,your milk has dried.Where will your children feed?The corn has curledlike pineapple sticks;     There will be no     bread for supper. Our... Continue Reading →

Memoir Poetry

Most people would argue that poetry is about writing what's inside you.  Sometimes, though, it's about writing what you would like to be inside you. It’s good she said It’sgood to Lookfrom pen topaper pad tocoffee cup -blackfilled- to blackand white cat onher lap Smell the thrum            cadence            of rotted Cyprusand green alli- gators in... Continue Reading →

Poetry Basket

We must walk past our kitchen table a couple dozen times a day.  For the past few months, we've kept a poetry basket centered there.  In the basket are books of poetry, books on writing poetry, paper pads, pens and pencils.  Any time of the day, one or both of us (my husband is a... Continue Reading →

Asphalt Freedom

This is a favorite poem, often requested, from the Breathe I book.  Breathe, for those of you who don't know, is a writers' critique group based in Caribou, Maine.  We put out an anthology every year.  Breathe I was published in 2009. Asphalt Freedom She was a pink Schwinntall and shapely likethat steed I’d named her... Continue Reading →

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