Books Coming Out

I have three #books coming out in rapid order: Fear, Swallowed: My third book of #poetry. Should be out in just a couple weeks. Breathe is also putting out their annual #anthology. This is our sixth book together as a writing community. It's smaller this year, but really good. In years past, we've had overlapping story …

Another poem

Here's another poem from the upcoming collection: Papillion Quand ton tendreamour a durci dans cettechrysalided'oú seulement tuémergeras parfaitement?  your tenderregard …into thischrysalisfrom which              only youemergeperfect?  Love,when didyour tender amour durci into this chrysalidefrom which seulement tuémergeras                           parfaitement? #poetry #poem #poetrycollection #butterfly

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