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Whew! I just finished the rough draft for “Birthright”, anotherĀ of the Griffin Wars series (The Last Griffin). This story, more than any other, has feltĀ like I’ve been pulling it through my fingernails with my teeth. I’m so thrilled to be done with it. And yet, I know that this will be a good story. Often the most difficult ones to write are, because the … Read More Done!

When You Discover Your Main Character Isn’t Your Hero

So, I’m smack in the middle of the first draft of Birthright, a story about a witch and a griffin who fall in love in 1006 AD England. My main character, Fiera, the witch, has led a sheltered life until the moment her parents died. Because of her past, she doesn’t know much about magic, only what she can do. In fact, she doesn’t … Read More When You Discover Your Main Character Isn’t Your Hero

Today’s Scene

This is fairly legible. But when the ideas are flowing fast, even I can’t read it.

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