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Character Worksheets

There are a million-zillion different character worksheets spread all over the web. These are designed to help you better understand your character. Nothing wrong with that. However, to help your readers to understand your character, some of this material actually has to make it into your story. Customize the details to fit your story. You know your character has red hair and walks with a … Read More Character Worksheets

Let Me Introduce You to the Characters of Sentient

This is our main character, Palamourah de la Croix: Sullen murmurs from rangers greeted Pala as she walked toward the front of the group to join Commander Barkin, Cabot, and Marshal Devlin Riyst. In a slow shuffling mass, the group found seats on the cargo boxes. Some remained standing. Cabot, her boyfriend, winked at her. He and Riyst moved to stand in the back of … Read More Let Me Introduce You to the Characters of Sentient

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