Asphalt Freedom

This is a favorite poem, often requested, from the Breathe I book.  Breathe, for those of you who don’t know, is a writers’ critique group based in Caribou, Maine.  We put out an anthology every year.  Breathe I was published in 2009.

Asphalt Freedom
She was a pink Schwinn
tall and shapely like
that steed I’d named her after:
Long white banana seat
deep swoop to her frame
proud sissy bar
elegant flowered basket
I rode her
jockey on a desperate steed
with a blue jump rope
for reins
We’d charge from
far back in the alley
rubber hooves spinning
popping sharp gravel
Gallop down that awesome hill
to shoot wildly across the street
praying there were no cars
home to the awaiting spanking