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Praise for Under Twin Suns

“I found myself able to identify with Ket.  Even though the novel is science-fiction, the emotions and situations the main character finds herself in are very human.  She must decide whom to trust and she must the face demons lurking in her past.  The descriptions are vivid and beautiful; they placed me firmly on the foreign planet of Firone.  All in all, it was … Read More Praise for Under Twin Suns

Praise for Under Twin Suns

“First, let me say that I can’t wait for the next book!  That’s my highest compliment.  As chapters progressed, I became increasingly interested in Ket’s character.  You did a great job of developing her and her background.  I will be curious to see where you are going with the Mending. I liked the story line and I really am excited to know that I’ll get to … Read More Praise for Under Twin Suns

New Cover

Under Twin Suns has come out with a new cover! Diana McAskill is the artist. What do you think? #UnderTwinSuns #WendyLKoenig #CoverArt

Release Day!!!

Today’s the day! Sentient is out and selling well. And I have a surprise. Those of you who buy Sentient this week (from August 11th through August 15th), you’ll get a free copy of Under Twin Suns! That’s two books for the price of one! Two great stories! Just send me an email copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the pdf back. … Read More Release Day!!!

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