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Free Downloads

I have three short stories from Sunlit Night, Coffee and Sweet Dreams online for free download.  Follow the links. Palindrome Psych Wellspring  

Introducing Palindrome

Starting this coming Thursday and continuing every Thursday for a few weeks, I’ll be serializing a short story I wrote and can be found in “Sunlit Night, Coffee and Sweet Dreams“. This is a story about a teen and her brother and their fresh start on a new world.  This story is PG-13. Forward to Part 1 →             To make sure … Read More Introducing Palindrome

Night Terrors

Here’s a short memoir piece I wrote several years ago.  This one has been published in Echoes Magazine #89. I drive home late at night, squinting at the darkness before me. It is an absent night: absent of moon, absent of stars, a road absent of comfort. A dank, weighty blanket covers the ground and all who travel on it. My gaze shifts back … Read More Night Terrors

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