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Deleted Scene 4

This scene was cut from the book early and is still in a rough draft. “Wilson!” Aaron stopped and turned around. His lieutenant was walking briskly toward him, a tall black man in trench coat beside him. FBI. Great. “You’ve been tasked to the bank robbery. This is Agent Dawes. You’ll be working directly for him.” “There are lots of other cops more experience … Read More Deleted Scene 4

Deleted Scene 3

This deleted scene is really just in rough draft. Detective Eccheli is at the morgue and Dr. Hayes has had a vehicle accident which delayed the autopsy. Again, it may or may not be used in a future novel. Truth to be told, Eccheli was more than a little nervous around Gideon Hayes. The doctor bore scars on his knuckles from his weekend obsession, … Read More Deleted Scene 3

Deleted Scene 2

Warning, this isn’t for minor consumption. It may or may not end up in another book. A hush swelled in the dark halls of the nursing home as if holding its breath. A dark shadow tiptoed soft as a mouse’s breath down the hall. In the third room on the right, an old woman snored. She had been a big woman in her youth: … Read More Deleted Scene 2

Deleted Scene

This is one of the scenes I cut from my novel in progress. It may or may not end up in another book. Or maybe even back in this book later. But not by my own decision (read editor or publisher demands here). This was from very early in the book. Enjoy. “You going to eat those?” Nick Eccheli glanced away from the traffic … Read More Deleted Scene

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