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Editing Someone Else’s Words

My life is boring, I admit. I do pretty much the same things day after day. For me to blog “I wrote a chapter” and then, two days later, blog the same title again, would be very boring indeed. But lately, I’ve set aside my writing to edit my writers’ group annual book. This year, instead of ‘The Best of’, we decided to write … Read More Editing Someone Else’s Words

Books Coming Out

I have three #books coming out in rapid order: Fear, Swallowed: My third book of #poetry. Should be out in just a couple weeks. Breathe is also putting out their annual #anthology. This is our sixth book together as a writing community. It’s smaller this year, but really good. In years past, we’ve had overlapping story lines, followed themes, whatever, but this one is a … Read More Books Coming Out

New Release

 In December, Breathe released their latest book, Who Killed Rory Finch, The Murder Book, Breathe V.  It continues to be a best seller.  People love the short stories of characters based in a fictional small town. Click Here to see it on

Asphalt Freedom

This is a favorite poem, often requested, from the Breathe I book.  Breathe, for those of you who don’t know, is a writers’ critique group based in Caribou, Maine.  We put out an anthology every year.  Breathe I was published in 2009. Asphalt Freedom   She was a pink Schwinn tall and shapely like that steed I’d named her after: Fury   Long white … Read More Asphalt Freedom

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