Boo and Oscar


When Boo, the cat, and Oscar, the spider, return from their daily excursion through town, they discover that the candy shop has been robbed. The Super Duper Fantastic Special Muddy Road Fudge is missing! As pan after pan of the famous fudge disappears, Boo and Oscar decide to lay a trap for the thief. But, what is easy for humans isn’t for a cat and spider. 2015, Cadillac Press

Illustrated by Diana McAskill.   Facebook


“A great caper to get young readers thinking and problem-solving! What a great mystery to get young readers thinking! Boo and Oscar are lovable characters. I like how they have a bit of a routine they follow each day, like human beings often do. I feel the story will foster problem-solving skills in young readers. Personally, I enjoy mysteries that do not have an element of eeriness or that give me the “creeps”. This book creates mystery in a pleasant way. I enjoyed reading the story very much. Also, as a former reading teacher, I liked the larger-sized print and the hand-painted illustrations that accurately portray the emotions of characters in the story. Can’t wait to read it in French!”

“A charming story of two friends. I have bought and given this book as a gift for friends and family that have young kids. It even comes in French now.”

“An adorable story! Little ones will love hearing the funny fudge names. The artwork is fresh and surprising.”

“Boo and Oscar are adorable! And I know my grandson will grow and love these characters as his favorites! Well done!”

“I thought the book was cute…I also love the pictures and thought they were beautiful.”

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