Launching April 18th, 2020

Destante and Aniause are hiding in mid-16th century Mexico. They have always been true loves, mates through all their lives. But now Destante has been made Queen of the Phoenixes and the last remaining Fire Bearer.

Aniause has no royal blood. Before she can change the laws that govern her right to choose her mate, she must deal with a war that has been ongoing since the first century. If they survive the battle, will Aniause want to be with her? Or will he continue to insist she marry someone of royal blood to keep the Fire pure?

But, no matter what Aniause decides, Destante has a sacred calling, higher even than that of Queen of the Phoenixes.

To Be Phoenix is the second book in THE GRIFFIN WARS series, preceded by Birthright, followed by The Last Griffin.

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Praise for To Be Phoenix:

“To Be Phoenix is a very well-written fantasy story about the courage of Destante. Her love for Aniause, despite their difficulties, was wonderfully written and her ability to forgive was inspiring.”

A novel that will pull you into the storyline right from the beginning and keep you not wanting to put the book down.

“This book was amazing, it had all of what I loved: suspense, love, action. I couldn’t put it down. From the first page to the last you always want to keep going and found out what will happen next. Thank you, Wendy; you are an incredibly talented writer.”

“To Be Phoenix captured my attention in the first chapter. It made me want to read on and find out more of the story. It was a very easy read, and I loved the humor in the storyline as well. I was sad it came to an end, and I wanted more of Destante and Aniause. Hopefully the phoenixes will rise again to begin another adventure.”

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