The Last Griffin

thelastgriffin from Cadillac Press, 2016.

Available in Large Print

Olivia Bonaparte is a young bartender in Boulder, Colorado. She lives in a normal world with a normal life until brutal men become intent upon killing her. Soon, everyone looks at her as if she’s a criminal. Secrets from her past begin to unravel, thanks to the two sexy men who have taken her into their protection. Still, their pursuers continue to hunt them.

Brian Merullo, a werewolf, has a troubled past. With the assistance of a white Bengal tiger shifter, he has learned to bend the beast within to his will. Now, as he races to keep Olivia safe, he discovers that the wolf has very definite ideas about his perfect mate. But how can he show her his feelings when every relationship in his past has failed because of what he is? He worries Olivia will turn away like the others.

As they battle for their lives, pushing deeper and deeper into the mountains, only one question remains: can Brian stop their enemies in time to save the love of his life?

Praise for The Last Griffin:

Finished your book in two nights. Two words come to mind “Riveting” and Compelling”. One of those books a reader just doesn’t want to put down!! P.S.the Hot Romance was great too!!”

“Good read! Wasn’t quite ready for it to be done. All of them are interesting characters, but I’m particularly interested in seeing more of Tony and learning more about his background.”

“Interesting and Unique Paranormal Romance. This is a good addition to the library of any reader of paranormal romance. The characters are well-defined, with pasts that come partially to light (leaving some mystery for the reader to think about), and the dialogue is naturally written. The steamy parts are tastefully written, speaking as someone who sometimes gets a little embarrassed about them. The settings were well-built – it almost feels like I’ve seen a TV version of this because the locations are described succinctly. There are even side characters who I wish I knew more about! …. The author has built an interesting mythology to continue writing in (I hope).”

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