I’m happy to give workshops.  I like these much better than lectures or speaking engagements.  Workshops allow for a back-and-forth dialogue between myself and my guests.

I charge travel, food and lodging expenses plus

  • $75 for a two-hour session
  • $125 for a half-day (3.5 hours) sessions
  • $225 for a full day (7 hours) sessions

Workshops available:

  • The Power of Words – 2 hr session only
  • Plotting a Novel – any
  • Dealing with Dialogue – 2 hr or half-day sessions only
  • Building a Scene – any
  • Packing Power into a Line of Poetry – any
  • Encouraging the Writer – 2 hr session only
  • Writing for the Young Crowd – 2 hr or half-day sessions only
  • Writing Your Memories – any
  • Critique Group – 2 hr session only, limited to 10 guests
  • Poetry Crunch – half-day sessions only

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