Praise for Sentient:

“Great book with a kick butt minority female lead. Pala is cadet marshal in charge of a crew on a mission to the planet Colossus. At first her team is bored by what they think is a babysitting mission while escorting scientists. But during the boring sample collection, they are attacked by their own machines and then it’s a race to survive and find out who is behind the betrayal. This is a page turning mystery that has a great message about trust and doing what is right. Pala is smart, tough, independent and caring. Her crew members are great adds and the creature that lurks is awesome.”

“Will have you begging for part 2.  I am so in love with this book. I read it in one sitting, from start to finish and was completely captured. Amazing read, will literally have you begging the author for a part 2. I got the paperback copy and had to go to my Kindle Unlimited for the Ebook as well. Absolutely worth the buy and read.”

 “I love that this has such a great minority lead character!”

 “I loved the book. It was a great read. The characters in the story were well written and lively. The story line got me hooked from the beginning to the end and now I can’t wait for the sequel.”

“I loved the characters, particularly I really liked Pala. The story was gripping – to the point I didn’t want to put it down. I would strongly recommend this book to young adults and older. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.”

“Intriguing plot and well developed characters. The pace was quick and the action scenes were realistic.”

“Amazing book that captured your attention from start to finish. Finished reading in one day, couldn’t put it down. Cannot wait until a part 2! Very worth the read.”

Praise for Under Twin Suns:

“First, let me say that I can’t wait for the next book!  That’s my highest compliment.  As chapters progressed, I became increasingly interested in Ket’s character.  You did a great job of developing her and her background.  I will be curious to see where you are going with the Mending. I liked the story line and I really am excited to know that I’ll get to read the next book.  Bad guys are bad enough – and appear to get their just rewards in most cases!  I also liked the descriptions of the planet – nicely done and incorporated well into the story line.” 

“I slowly got drawn into the book.  The first chapter left me wanting to continue reading, just to find out what was going to happen.  The chapters were a nice size so that I could read a few pages and finish a chapter.  I enjoyed reading about the different people and their ways of life.  The story line was very interesting as it kept me wondering what they were going to do next.  I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to reading more about them.” 

“I enjoyed the story. Although it’s written for a teen audience, I enjoyed the story. There was plenty of action and innovation.”

“I finished your book this week and really enjoyed it. I found Ket and Moene very interesting. I would like to have known more about them.  The bad guys were bad enough!  I found the story line very interesting. The places were fascinating and so creative!” 

“I found myself able to identify with Ket.  Even though the novel is science-fiction, the emotions and situations the main character finds herself in are very human.  She must decide whom to trust and she must the face demons lurking in her past.  The descriptions are vivid and beautiful; they placed me firmly on the foreign planet of Firone.  All in all, it was an enjoyable read.” 

“Under Twin Suns is an interesting adventure into a futuristic world where some people have Gifts (think almost X-Men style). The main character is a teenage girl, alone in a large, scary world. The writing itself is polished and a joy to read, while the characters leave you wanting to know more about them, what motivates them, and the world they live in. I think just enough was explained to follow the story, but there was no unnecessary exposition. It was a quick read for me.”

“I loved the book. The story has a strong female character that I hope Ms. Koenig uses in other books/sequels.”

Praise for Sunlit Night, Coffee, and Sweet Dreams:

“The characters in the short Sci-Fi story Psyche are both strange and mysterious in their own way. The story is set in a future, far different from our own, opening readers’ imagination. Upon reading the first paragraph, readers will be introduced to the main character, Ketorai. With the ability to read peoples emotions through the power of Jadoua, Ket’s character leaves readers intrigued and curious as to why she is on the planet of Firone and why the Lacohrans try to capture her, making it a good on the edge of your seat science fiction story.” 

Praise for One to Lose:

“Fast paced story. Is it a mystery? Is it a love story? The answer is yes. Take a few hours to get to know Jesse. You will be glad you did.”  

Praise for Fear, Swallowed:

“Thoroughly enjoyed. Wendy Koenig’s voice refreshes. Her poetry marries observation and emotion, disclosing the undercurrent of everyday events.” 

Praise for the Breathe books: 

“Very well written by some really talented authors.” 

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