Group Discussion Questions:


1.  Why do you think it’s so important Ket stop N’biyah?  She could just leave.

2.  Why would Ket petition to return home after the way her people treated her?

3.  What are the limitations of being an empath?

4.  What psychic ability would you prefer to have?

5.  How does Under Twin Suns relate to today?

6.  What do you see in Ket’s future?


1.  Does Jesse see herself as a heroine?  Why?  Why not?

2.  Why is Jesse so devastated when Starbuck is taken?

3.  Why is Riperton so obsessed with Jesse?  Is it more than just her part in his cousin’s capture?

4.  How does Jesse deal with her fear?

5.  What do you see in Jesse’s future?

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