Gift Fair

Saturday and Sunday, November 11-12, I will have a table at the Gift Fair the
Polyvalente Thomas Albert school in Grand Falls is hosting. The time is from 10-5 (Saturday) and 11-4 (Sunday). Stop by and visit!!!



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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Table

We, as writers, dream of the day we’ll be sitting in a giant bookstore, dishing out pithy sayings and scribbling our names on countless hundreds of books that go flying through the cashier’s stand.



The truth is often far different. In many cases, we’re luck to get even five people. Very lucky.

And book signings or readings in libraries? Unless it’s a huge event with other authors, you can probably forget that too.

But there’s one place we shine. I mean, like a lighthouse on a fog ridden coast.

The markets. Casual shoppers/tourists love meeting a real live author and get jazzed by the possibility of owning a book by someone famous (ahem). They often work at finding a reason to buy our books. Gifts often come to mind.

Because, well, books ARE great gifts.

The markets are hard work, sure. But we’re writers. We should be used to that. And if we take any (ANY!!) trip out of town, we often book at local markets there too. 

Even more so, the local Christmas markets. We can easily triple our regular market sales.

What I’m saying is, as you plan your holiday season, don’t write off your book sale season. It’s just getting ready for the grand finale.

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Killing My Darlings

Don’t worry, my cats and my husband are all safe. I’m talking about my current novel-in-progress.

Every writer has a favorite passage they’ve written, a favorite character, a favorite chapter. The trouble is, when it’s a writer’s favorite, it doesn’t get edited as well. Often it’s just better to prune the whole thing out and then it’s easier to look at it objectively.

I’ve had to get tough. Really, really mean.

So far, I’ve lost 40 pages to the pruning process. Some may make it back in, most won’t.

I feel like I’m in a bamboo jungle, slashing with a machete. But, the story is looking better.

And I still have my knife in hand.

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I know I’ve written on this before, but it bears repeating.

People come up to me all the time. They say, “You must be really talented.” I always laugh.

“No, I’m just really, really stubborn.”

The truth is, writing is a learned thing. Much like driving.


A person isn’t born knowing how to handle a stick shift or who goes first at a stop sign. It’s not automatic to know how much pressure to put on the breaks, or the gas pedal, for that matter. The map to the nearest grocery isn’t imprinted in our brains at birth.

So it is with a writer. We learn the elements of a good story. How to build tension. Correct dialogue (which is very different from real dialogue). And so much more.

All learned.

And lots of practice.

Eventually, it becomes second nature. Like driving.

If you can learn to drive a car, or do anything, you’re stubborn enough to learn to write.


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