Contract Signed

Just signed a contract with Liquid Silver for the publication of Birthright as an eBook. It’ll be in their Blue Swan imprint, which they’re trying to build. I’ve been very impressed with the team and Liquid Silver, which is the main reason why I’m so happy to sign with them.

They also asked to see Frozen Fire. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Received an Offer

That’s right. It looks like Birthright might have found a home. Liquid Silver is interested in it for their YA imprint.


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Birthright is Looking for a Home

Well, last night I sent #Birthright to Liquid Silver, the publisher who did The Last Griffin. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have some other publishers picked out, in case I need them.

Huge ‘Thank You!’ to my two Beta Readers: Barb and Katja!!!

Remember, it’s all about moving forward.


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When It’s Too Long

Most publishers state they’ll respond within 4-6 weeks if they’re interested. If they don’t respond, the author can assume the manuscript has been rejected. Occasionally though, things happen.

Recently, I had two noteworthy experiences.

The first, I received a rejection 2 years after I submitted the manuscript. 2 years!!! Thankfully I hadn’t hung around waiting on them and the book was published last year.

The second, I’m stuck in now. When I first submitted Frozen Fire to this publisher, the website said the typical 4-6 weeks stuff. They didn’t want simultaneous submissions, but I really wanted this publisher, so I was willing to wait even 8-10 weeks if need be. Since I submitted to them, however, they’ve changed their tune to 6 months.

I’m sorry, that’s not what I signed up for and it’s ridiculous to ask authors to wait that long on a non-simultaneous submission. I’m still leaving my manuscript with them (it’s been 3 months already), but I’m moving on.

I’ve been keeping Frozen Fire busy with finding an agent, but now I’ve begun sending out to other publishers as well.

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