So my main character in On the Sly is Sylvia Wilson. Despite being told numerous times to let the detectives do their job, she just can’t not investigate on her own. Right now, she’s set up a new security system in her bar. It’s a long shot, but profilers say criminals often return to the scene of the crime. Will the killer come back to Smugglers’?

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On The Sly

I hit 10,000 words yesterday on this story. Go me!!!

What happens when a bar owner finds a body on the floor of her bar?

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On Covers

In my mind, covers are just as important as the beginning of your book. Just as important as craft, story, and dialogue. Just as important as anything you do with your book.

Covers are what draw people to your books. They aren’t even going to read the title if the picture doesn’t draw. Guaranteed they won’t pick it up to read the back, much less to peek at the first few pages.

When I was hunting for a publisher for The Last Griffin, I had three interested. They were all on a par with readership, they all had a decent marketing program, and they all paid close to the same royalty. The deciding factor was the cover art.

Every time I put out a table of all my books, I always get remarks on how beautiful they are. And I admit, they strike a lovely picture.




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The eBook of The Last Griffin is on sale, in celebration of Birthright coming out!



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