I know I’ve written on this before, but it bears repeating.

People come up to me all the time. They say, “You must be really talented.” I always laugh.

“No, I’m just really, really stubborn.”

The truth is, writing is a learned thing. Much like driving.


A person isn’t born knowing how to handle a stick shift or who goes first at a stop sign. It’s not automatic to know how much pressure to put on the breaks, or the gas pedal, for that matter. The map to the nearest grocery isn’t imprinted in our brains at birth.

So it is with a writer. We learn the elements of a good story. How to build tension. Correct dialogue (which is very different from real dialogue). And so much more.

All learned.

And lots of practice.

Eventually, it becomes second nature. Like driving.

If you can learn to drive a car, or do anything, you’re stubborn enough to learn to write.


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And Then There’s That Moment

When someone comes up to you in a restaurant and asks you to sign their book.

What a feeling!!!

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Finding the Story

Imagine you’re set down on a infinite sheet of paper and are told to walk until you find your way off the paper.

You see no landmarks or anything. All around you is nothing but white horizon. You wander around for a good long while, until you finally see a tree. You run over to it, relieved.

You climb that tree and see a few more trees scattered in different directions. No way of telling which one will lead you where you want to go.


So you pick a tree arbitrarily, but when you arrive there, you find it marks the beginning of a long dark crevasse. Strange scary sounds are coming from the shadows. There’s no end in sight.

You decide to go back to the first tree and choose a different path. That canyon is certainly not where you want to go.


On the new path, you find you hurry along, making good time, but the landmarks start getting farther apart again until you no longer can see them.

Time to backtrack and try a different direction.

At each landmark, there’s a choice between several more.

And through it all, you can’t help but wonder about that dark crevasse. What that journey would have been like. How long would it have taken? Would it have been, in the end, a better route?

Do we go back to it?

Welcome to the life of the writer. Sometimes we have to backtrack many, many times. We waffle. We wonder. We try millions of directions before we find our way off the page. And sometimes it takes a very long time.

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To Be A Writer

What does it take to be a writer?

You have to write. That’s pretty much it. It may not be good, or grammatically pretty, but if you write, you’re a writer.

Hemingway only wrote 500 words a day. Stephen King writes 2000. Some people write even more. Some write less.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you write.

Go get your paper and pencil.



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