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Sequel to Sentient

Still reeling from the loss of most of her military rangers and the betrayal of her boyfriend, seventeen year old Palamourah de la Croix and her men are preparing for battle.

With an armada from the agency that employs them, the Interplanetary Peace Coalition, or IPC, on the way, she’ll need all the help she can get, including that of any sentient races.


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“Just finished reading both Sentient and the sequel, Insurrection. Good Job! Pala de la Croix is a totally believable character struggling with the tensions of command and betrayal. Lots of action and interaction. Keep up the good work.” – L.

“When I was away from the story, I kept thinking about what was going to happen next; it kept drawing me back. I love that there are short chapters, so you can continue anew. I love that your visual words bring me to another time and place, and always sadly not happy when it ends. 😦  Looking forward to continuing adventures of Marshal de la Croix :)” – D.